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“...The mirrors covering the walls sent me mixed images of bodies and movements, it was impossible for me to tell which arms, which neck or which shoulders belonged to me and which belonged to someone else, I staggered, took another step, and then my muscles found their alignment and my body tensed, straight, fine and refined, I extended one leg then the other, gaining momentum, my back stiffened and I plunged, arms in front of my head, throwing with a crash of bubbles the mass of my body through the limpid and glowing surface..."


Une vieille histoire 

By American French writer Jonathan Little

Published in Oct 2019  

Editions Gallimard (FRANCE)

Research on installation and performance resulting from the SPIRIT CAPITAL discursive programme presented on March 2 at the Market theater in Johannesburg (South Africa). 


The discursive event used the performance as a prompt to discuss the psychology of space, the manifestation of history, possible contemporary understandings of identity, and the performativity of memory within a South African context. A talk with Dr. Nosipho Mngomezulu @alternative1987, Dr. heeten bhagat, Gilbert Balinda @gilbertbalindaarchitects, Slindile Mthembu @slin_dile.m , Roland Gunst, and Samara Ragaven


Curated by Nisha Merit @meritsworld.

The SPIRIT CAPITAL discursive programme was made possible with the kind support of the Flemish Government.


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