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People of black-African descent living in Flanders must be saved from the stigma of the Neger-identity


The Neger-concept (Eng.: Negro/Nigger) is still rooted in Flemish culture. The term Neger is still used on a daily basis in Flemish society. Most Flemish people are not aware of the history of the word and the stigma of the Neger-identity on the black man. The Neger is a monstrous creature and not a human being like the black man is.


N-ID is a call for help to Flemish society to stop the use of the term and concept of "Neger"i n Flanders. The film debates the true meaning of the concept of "Neger" in Dutch, "Nègre" in French and "Negro" in English in an international context. N-ID reveals the true face/identity of the black man behind the Neger Mask.

N-ID: the Stigma of the Negro-identity is a 15-minute documentary.

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