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Le peau du Colon (ENG: the skin of the colonist) by Roland Gunst / John K Cobra is the silicone mould that was used to create the sculpture Côlon #2_MA (2022). The sculpture Côlon #2_MA (2022) was exhibited at my solo exhibition Trans-Architecture: Performing Power Figures at the Museum of Art of the city of Oostende (Belgium) in 2023.


The Skin of the Colonist is a sculpture enveloping the sculpture Côlon #2_MA (2022) and functioning as a womb to nurture Côlon #2. The Skin of the Colonist is the negative sculpture, the inverted reality of the sculpture Côlon #2_MA.


According to Congolese traditional believes, the realm of the spirits is up side down, an inverted reality, a negative realm, the negative image of a sculpture, that is indissociable and inseparable from the positive reality. Both can only exist due to each other’s existence and their interaction. By activating this NFT The skin of the colonist deploys its power in the parallel web3-realm to complete and install both realities.

The artwork has not been exhibited yet.


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