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LION phase 2 


Phase 2 transformed the weapons of white nationalism and radicalism via white, Flemish, cultural symbols such as the Flemish flag and the founding myth of the Flemish nation. He imagines the Congolese colonisation of Flanders and the forced application of the current assimilation policy of the government to the Flemish, to reconnect Flemish people with Afropeanism and to strive for the construction of an Afropean community in Flanders.


It soon became clear to me that King LION could be more than an example of perfect integration. His identity and his life story--between Congo and Flanders--can symbolise a first step in the transformation of Flanders (a Western nation) into a superdiverse nation. The story of a life inspired by his Flemish Congolese origins and representing Flemish (super-) diversity.


LION can be the leader with whom all inhabitants of Flanders and members of the world can identify.


So I created a new folk tale, called King LION I vs. the Flemish Integration Monster. The Flemish Integration monster is the physical manifestation of the integration problem in Flanders. A folk tale inspired by the foundation myth of the Flemish nation called "De Leeuw van Vlaanderen," the prophecy of the black Lion of Congo who will save Flanders (the black Lion on a yellow background on the Flemish flag), the history and the culture of the Great Kingdom of Congo (since 1500); Flemish and Congolese (DRC) culture and history, and my personal family history. Old Flemish cultural symbols are revived by giving them a new meaning, life and purpose. ​

I will reveal the true meaning and face of LION. This project is an act of pure Flemish nationalism and patriotism according to the (super-) diverse definition of Flemish identity.

King LION I vs. the Flemish Integration Monster is a folk tale. This story is the realisation of the prophecy of the black Lion of Congo, the saviour of Flanders. King LION is the black lion on a yellow background that is depicted on the Flemish flag.


ACT I: DARK/NESS (Dark Lioness)


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