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Theoretical frame work is in development... More info soon...

The installation 'Behind The Corridor' is part of the group exhibition 'Malabou in Malibu'.

The installation consists of 4 works:

1. Mother ship #1 (2023) / Installation / Steel & latex  

2. Côlon #1_IV (2022) / Sculpture / Silicone

3. Côlon #3 (2023) / Sculpture / Silicone & Copper

4. Côlon #4 (2023) / Sculpture / Aluminium

'Malabou in Malibu' is a project realized by WARP in collaboration with the Make Eindhoven workshop and the De Fabriek presentation site. For a year, artists John K. Cobra, Niko Hendrickx, Geerke Sticker and Merel Van de Casteele with whom WARP has a close relationship, researched and experimented with various materials to materialize their ideas. 


They investigated the idiosyncrasies and possibilities of some special materials. What shape and meaning do you ultimately give to raw materials such as slime, fat, birdseed, rubber, silicone or milk declared unfit for consumption? For today's artist, who is process-oriented and inquisitive, interdisciplinarity is a given. All tools, resources, knowledge and baggage can be used to investigate a question, tackle a problem or explore a subject in depth. Making has become a form of thinking. 

The exotic title was chosen by the artists and refers primarily to French philosopher Cathérine Malabou and her concept of "plasticity. She argues that structures and forms of life are constantly changing and subject to transformation.


NOVEMBER 11 '23 - DECEMBER 3 '23, Group exhibition at De Fabriek, in Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

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